FAQ locksmith services- all about locks and keys

1. What does Local Locksmith Philadelphia do?

Local Locksmith Philadelphia provides all kinds of locksmith services: residential, commercial, car, safe and emergency. We are one of the leader companies in the area that can solve various issues. Our professional team can handle any type of lock installation, repair, rekeying a door or making new keys.

You can call us anytime 24/7 to book a service or get a recommendation- +1 (267) 629-0276

2. When should I call Local Locksmith Philadelphia?

Call us if you’ve lost the key, got locked out of your office, house or a car. If you need a repair of the lock or copy of the key- we are your number one choice.

You can call us to change the locks if you lose or break a key. You can learn more about our services on our blog. In short, we deal with anything that has keys and locks.

We will serve you whenever you need us!  Call us for more information- +1 (267) 629-0276

3. Lost my only keys, what do I do?

It’s a frustrating moment, but try to remember, maybe someone else has the key or it’s even in a pocket of another jacket. If you still can’t find it, you Local Locksmith Philadelphia is always ready to help.

If you suspect someone has stolen it, it’s better if you change the lock or rekey it to be secure. Otherwise, we will make you a copy of the key. 

Remember, we deal with all types of locks, whether it’s electronic or traditional. note down our number for the future or book a service now: +1 (267) 629-0276

4. Can a locksmith program car keys?

The answer is yes!  We have a professional automotive locksmith team, who specializes in making car keys from a scratch.

Call us to book our service or get recommendation what works for you the best in your situation: +1 (267) 629-0276

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